The Top 5 Needs of Teenage Girls In Today's Society

One of my favorite things to talk about is how misunderstood teenagers are. If you ask the general public the top 5 needs of teenage girls, this is what they might say, "a boyfriend, a car, food, their phone, and, an attitude adjustment." But you may be surprised to hear what the teens actually said. I asked a few of my most trusted teen confidants, and this is what they reported as what they think the top 5 needs of young women are:

Response 1:
1. Love from others
2. Support
3. Affirmation
4. Sleep
5. A vacation

Response 2:
1. Sleep
2. To feel loved
3. Self-confidence
4. I think teenage girls need Jesus
5. A good community of people (supportive friends and family)

Response 3:
1. Attention
2. Confidence in themselves
3. Good influences (both peer and older)
4. Something to do outside of academics
5, A good support system

So, as you can see, this is in no way super extensive. But it gives us a good idea of what they may really need. In contrast, one of the teen respondents said that the needs of society sent a contradicting message. Here are the 5 needs that society communicates to them:

1. A boyfriend
2. Good grades
3. Friends
4. To be beautiful
5. To be perfect in every way

Besides the fact that #5 pretty much makes me want to cry, almost none of those showed up on the actual lists of things they needed. Yet, they are constantly bombarded by social media, advertisements, magazines, and TV shows sending them these contradicting messages.

So, what does this mean for parents? First and foremost... talk to your teens about their needs. Help them if they are being told they need something that doesn't matter (i.e "the perfect body"). Ensure they get some good sleep, plan a vacation if possible, and find some cool people who can be good influences on your teen. Teach them how to schedule a date with this cool person at least once a month and give them a genuine compliment every now and then. 

Anything I missed? What are your thoughts?

Serving teens together,


** Blog Photo taken by the uber talented Katie Cook over at Hope Engaged